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Laying Down Lines



Laying down lines on sheet, screen and street.

CamaroWhether it's visualizing a concept on paper, transfering it to the computer or driving it off the assembly line to the test track, my vision is to bring excellence and style to any project I embark on.

I am a creative, fast-learning, problem-solving, hard-working, conservative person both politically and ideally. I understand economy and business, and have virtual experience turning a profit using these principles. I am happily debt free and in control of my finances, currently working 85 hours per week and ready to start a career instead of a job. I am willing and able to begin at the bottom and climb my way as high as I can go.

I am currently seeking employment in any of the following fields:

-Professional Stunt Driver
-Industrial Designer
-Interior Decorator
-Home Staging
-Conceptual Artist
-Web Developer

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